Project Pitch


Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.22.08 pm.png

The theme of our creative project is the cultural identity with the given title’Where I live’. This project allows me to explore the cultural speciality of Brighton by interviewing a local resident. When I went to the BPB exhibition, I was inspired by the work of a photography student who explores the community by taking photos of people who work in clothes shops as well as a cobbler. I like her project because she captures something that contains story and history, I would like to do something similar to show the cultural identity of a local.

I did some research, Martin Parr is a photographer who likes to use photographs to get people’s attention to cultural diversity, I gain inspiration through his work, for instance, his monograph,’ Small World’,moreover, I also gain inspiration through the monograph, ‘ This is where I live’ by Wendy Ewald, she went to her hometown and take pictures of the locals to show the cultural diversity of the place.

Screen Shot 2016-12-11 at 1.20.24 pm.png               parr

After doing research, I decided to do an interview with a tailor since tailoring is a job with really long history and it is common is the past, however, it is gradually being replaced by fast fashion, I would like to explore the work and mission of a local tailor.


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