PB6-experience of the Brighton Photo Biennial exhibition

  • What work were you most impressed with and why?
  • Most digital photographs are viewed on digital devices. What do you think about the experience of seeing a photographic exhibition with large prints on the wall?
  • Has this changed your appreciation of photographic work?




The cobbler who has been working in the shop for more than 30 years


I like the exhibition a lot since I have the chance to appreciate different works of talented photographers. I went to three exhibitions and I like the work of Sophia Wohleke most, ‘Couturier’ is the theme of her work which she uses photos to explore the sustainability of clothes and materials in locally. Her photographs reveal the working environment of the shop, and one of her photos was taken in a shop where the cobbler has been taken up this family business for 37 years. I think her project is a great one which is able to explore the community in a thorough way and help people to understand the city better which can significantly help then to find their identity.

I really like the experience of seeing a photographic exhibition with large prints on the wall. It is different from seeing them on a phone or computer, I am able to read the photo in detail, for example, the colour pattern as well as the lighting. It has a greater impact on people because they are allowed to think and reflection when they are appreciating the work of a photographer. It definitely changed my appreciation of artwork, I get inspiration from the exhibition and it encourages me to attend more exhibition.


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