PB3-Soundwalk exercise

This week, we are required to walk around the school campus to collect different kinds of natural sounds. I recorded the sound of the wind, people’s laughter and I found a bottle lid on the ground so I kicked it in order to produce some special sound. Later on, I combined those fragments together with Audition. It was not my first time using Audition so I didn’t find it too difficult to use.

However, the biggest challenge for me is that I was not sure on how to present a story through the soundtrack, therefore, I was a bit lost. After selecting some sounds on freeSFX, I was able to present my soundtrack with a scene which the setting is outside a church.
I enjoyed the practice since it will be useful for my final project, I was able to practice more so that I knew how to manage the software.

Reflections on the reading:
From the reading, it points out that “sound will reveal something that the image does not or cannot.” which I agree on a lot since sound could show buried emotions of a person, it also helps to create surprise or tension, build the atmosphere which is a very good tool to catch the audience’s attention. Therefore, when I do my project, I have to consider what kind of sound effects should I include, moreover, the background music I chose should suit the theme in order not to make distractions.

Link of my soundtrack:


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