Reflections on Week 7’s reading

This week’s reading is about finding inspiration by Ingledew. Inspiration allows us to make good use of our creativity as well as imagination, it is really critical for a photographer to search for his/her inspiration to create impressive work. ” Take inspiration from everywhere. Be aware of everything, take inspiration from the street, from popular culture, from music and from comedy.” It was said by a art direct, Lee Widdows, it is true that inspiration is everywhere around us, we, as a photographer should be observant and sensitive in order to produce creative and unique works.

The chapter mentioned that we are able to find inspiration through different platforms, for example through other photographer’s work, this is really important for me when I do my own creative project, I could find inspiration through different monograph of photographers who have similar projects which are related to cultural, identity etc. The work of W. Eugene Smith, ‘Country Doctor’ inspires me, I would like to do a project on a citizen in Brighton whose work is special and unique by investigating his daily living and cultural background.


Screen Shot 2016-12-10 at 6.37.27 pm.png

A portrait of the ‘Country Doctor’ by Smith


Furthermore, when searching for inspirations, I should thing in a bigger picture which I should step out of the boundaries and see things in different perspectives,  I should also learn from mistakes, photographer Kitty Mccorry once said, “It’s only a mistake if you tell someone it’s a mistake.” By making mistakes, I am able to make improvement and I should never feel ashamed about it.


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