PB1- Reflections

  • Why do we take photos?
  • What is the purpose of photographs?
  • How important is technique?
  • What personal and cultural value do photographs have?

‘ Photography is a magical thing’, it was once said by French photographer Jacques Henri Lartigue. We take photos because of the desire to record a  memorable moment, we would like to share our stories with others through photography. It is powerful and convincing since it is able to tell stories which show a great impact on the audience. It is a magical thing that each one one us is able to take pictures with our own unique styles. Moreover, photos facilitate communications between people, for example through magazines and advertisements.

Techniques are one of the essential elements in taking photos. In order to take nice photos, we have to adjust a suitable aperture, shutter speed as well as ISO in order to allow an adequate amount of light to enter, or to achieve special effects such as depth of field. With different techniques, it allows the photographer to create diverse styles of photos, they are able to take photos which express different moods and atmosphere.

A photographer has his/her personal as well as cultural values. For example, Martin Parr uses his unique skills to take pictures which allow the audience to see the world through his perspective, hence speciality would be his value. Moreover, he likes to travel around to take pictures of people from different cultural background and explore the issues of globalisation. He examines speciality in national as well as an international aspect in order to help our next generation to understand ‘cultural peculiarities’. (Weski, 2016)



Martin Parr experienced the Chinese culture by wearing ancient costume 



  1. ‘Loading’ (chapter 1) from John Ingledew’s Photography
  2. Weski, T. (no date) Introduction. Available at: http://www.martinparr.com/introduction/ (Accessed: 10 December 2016).

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